Permanent makeup & HD Brows

Permanent makeup or cosmetics is a form of cosmetic tattooing which uses pharmaceutical grade pigments which are applied to the second layer of your skin, which results in a wonderful shadow of colour that looks like perfectly applied make-up.

Our most popular treatments are: eye liner, lips, eye brows,  and HD Brows.

Eyebrow Contours is an ideal treatment for people who continually need to use a brow pencil for patchy or non existent eyebrows. It is also fantastic for alopecia or chemotherapy pts. You can choose from a subtle, soft pencilled look or textured hair strokes.

Eyeliner Contours promises beautiful eyes with a natural look. This technique has been created to make your eyes appear bigger, lashes thicker and to emphasise the colour of your eyes. This treatment is ideal for those with small eyes or those who are looking for more definition and shape.

Lips Contours is all about beautiful lips, enhanced in shape with a permanent colour. Lip contour and blush are ideal for people who have lost colour or shape through the aging process.

HD Brows is a relatively new concept in eyebrow shaping and we are really pleased to be able to offer the treatment at our London clinic with quiet amazing results.

The ‘HD Brows’ look is not achieved by any one, single procedure despite taking its lead from the ancient art of threading; it is a combination of seven different procedures that achieve the final result.

Although it may seem quite simple, HD Brows artistry is not a skill you are likely to see possessed by your usual beautician and only someone who is totally proficient in each discipline can truly be called an HD Brows master.

The treatment involves a sequence of 7 specific and difficult to master procedures and is not a skill you’ll find at most beauty clinics, and part of the reason why demand and popularity has literally skyrocketed.

There are many ways of describing the treatments and services that fall under the permanent makeup umbrella. So if you have been searching for: permanent eyebrows, eyebrow tatooing, permanent lip liner, permanent eyebrow makeup or tattooed eyebrows, you’re in the right place and should book an appointment for a consultation.




Semi-Permanent Eye Liner £275
Semi-Permanent Lip Liner £300
Semi-Permanent Eye Brows £325
HD Brows £35

If you would like to book a free consultation to discuss permanent cosmetics please call 020 8653 5646.

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